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Welcome to Finlay Laboratory!

Posted by fwpadmin
on August 12, 2017
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Finlay has been recognized for more than fifty years as a pathologist directed laboratory. Advanced instrumentation and “State of the Art” methodologies are used by highly skilled Technologists to perform assays with accuracy, precision and efficiency.

Finlay Laboratory services include a broad range of tests in: chemistry, pathology cytology, endocrinology, hematology, immunology, microbiology, radioassay, serology and toxicology.

Regularly scheduled courier service is provided to our clients. Our couriers provide direct specimen pick up, a controlled environment for transport and delivery of the test results and supplies.

Finlay offers computerized report generation, which includes multiple, chart-ready copies with patient information, normal ranges and pertinent diagnostic information. Telephone results (followed by a hard copy) are available for “all urgently needed results.”

Specimens are retained at our laboratories for a minimum of one week. If, in the opinion of the physician our report results does not fit the clinical condition of the patient, we gladly repeat the test at no charge. If a second specimen is to be submitted for a repeat determination, be sure to explain the condition under which such request is made. Also indicate on the test request form that the specimen is a “repeat no charge.”

Test results are reported as soon as tests are completed. This is generally within 24 hours for most tests. Certain esoteric tests are more time consuming than others and require more time for generation of test results.

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