Services and Policies

Complimentary Supplies

All supplies necessary for the submission of specimens to our laboratory will be furnished at no charge. Initially, a Laboratory Representative will bring the appropriate supplies and requisition slips to your office. Our representative will demonstrate the proper use of all materials in order to insure proper submission of specimens and maintain specimen integrity. Further laboratory supplies may be requested by filling the Laboratory Supply Form and submitting it to the laboratory or by calling our Client Services Department.

Courier Service and Charges

Our laboratory provides complimentary daily courier service consistent with your office requirements. Our representatives are trained to be prompt, courteous and alert to your particular office needs.


Finlay Laboratories provides test results for most procedures. including profiles, within 24 hours. If you have requested a “STAT. test. the results will be called back upon completion of the test. Panic (Critical Values) will automatically be called to you or your representative,even if not specifically requested.

Medical Records

Due to the medico-legal considerations and in the interest of maintaining. complete confidentiality for patients, test results cannot be released to anyone other than the patient’s attending physician unless the laboratory is provided with written authorization from the patient’s attending physician. In addition, laboratory results cannot be released to a patient unless written authorization is provided by the patient’s physician. If other arrangements are necessary, please contact the laboratory for further explanation of this policy.

Repeat Determinations

Whenever a test result appears to be inconsistent with the clinical evaluation of the patient, a repeat determination may be requested at no charge. It is our policy to hold all blood samples for a period of seven days, so it is important that you call us immediately for a repeat determination.

Special Arrangements

Special pricing arrangements will be made for our clients and their staff. Please consult your client service representative. Federal Law prohibits “Courtesy” laboratory testing services.

Technical Consultation

Our professional staff of Board-Certified Pathologists and Medical Technologists are always available to discuss test results, answer questions, or consult on unusual cases or problems.

Client Services

Our Client Services Department will arrange for on-site,training of new personnel in techniques of specimen collection, preparation and handling. Special testing requirements may be handled through our Client Service Representative.

Home Phlebotomy Services

Our laboratory will arrange for phlebotomy services at individual homes, nursing homes or ACLF. Please call our Client Service Department with at least 24 hour advance notice so that we can make the most convenient arrangement with your patient. Please arrange to have all patient and billing information available for prompt processing of the sample.

Quality Control

Our laboratory subscribes to the internationally recognized College of American Pathologists (CAP) and American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) proficiency testing program. Commercial controls, patient controls and standards are run as required in a maximum effort to assure accurate test results. Analytes not available through a proficiency program will be compared with another facility performing this test, at least biannually for quality assurance.

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